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Bees Sting - Unless they Don't

Me: I will, without a doubt, run screaming for the hills at the first sign of any bug which could sting me. There are few things in the world which create a near instant and quite visceral reaction in my body. People yelling is one. Being awoken via a loud noise is another. The idea of being stung is right up there.

Also Me: It wasn't until after the fact when I realized I had, contrary to all normal instinct, calmly and with soft reassurance, automatically inserted my body between my terrified daughter and a nearby buzzing bee, in order to take the sting on her behalf.

Thankfully the thing didn't actually sting me, but bounced off my chest and flew off rather confused.

To which Sweets drops all of her fear in an instant with a happy exclamation of, "Oh never mind, that was a nice bee!"

Feels to me like there's a lesson in there somewhere.

I still don't wanna be stung tho'.

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