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Squish'n Bugs

Sweets wraps her arms around my waist when a car passes us going super fast. Her eyes are closed. I return her hug. She opens her eyes, dramatically brushes non-visible sweat off her brow with an arm, "Whew. I was scared there for a minute."

"Me too. He was going super fast."

"I'm glad I wasn't hit by the car."

"Me too. That's why you walk on the side of me that's away from the curb."

"Yeah. It's so much better if you got hit by a car." Her eyes suddenly widen in glee, "OH! My life would be SO much better if you got hit by a car!"

"It would?"


"How would your life improve without me in your life?"

"That's easy! I'd get to stay up as late as I want, I'd eat all the sugar I want every day, and I'd play Roblox every day!"

"You play Roblox just about every day now."

"Yeah, but I mean even during school hours!"

At this point she takes my hand and starts swinging it back and forth. I take a few seconds to listen to her happy hummm, then ask, "What about our walk and talks?"

"Daddy could do them instead."

"Got it. And you don't think Daddy would put you to bed on time or have you go to school or feed you good food?"

"Nope! I can make him do anything I want to and BESIDES - He LOVES to spoil me."

"I see. So.. I guess that means I don't add anything good to your life that Daddy doesn't already do too."

"No, no! You Do, You DO!"

"Like what?"

"You squash bugs."

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