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The Course of Grief

Aimee Gins­burg Bikel is an award winning Amer­i­can-Israeli writer, jour­nal­ist, and pub­lic speak­er.

Let your grief course through you Like a great, grand river. Its journey to the sea is long and winding Sometimes, the rapids. You are quite sure you will get lost. Drown. Sometimes, the water flows so slowly, you are sure you will be moored, forever. Carving caverns and cracks in the sandstone It will change you It will shape you

Oh beautiful, brave soul Do not build a dam,

Build a raft.

Hold on, allow.

For this is your sacred journey home A holy gift for the patient, openhearted.

Bikel, Aimee Ginsburg. “Elul 9.” Jewels, Accessed 21 June 2021.

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